Division 1 Promotion for MK City Ladies

The MK City ladies team has been promoted to Division 1, the 2nd highest league in England!

After a season of hard work (and many, many squats), we made it!

We had to face two teams – Team South Wales (8th in Division 1) & Southampton VC (2nd in Division 2 South), with 2 out of 3 teams moving up to (or staying in) Division 1.

After losing the first game against Team South Wales, with a very tight score 2:3 (27-25; 23-25; 18-25; 25-20; 11-15) our hopes were low, but we did not surrender! Despite the loss, we were happy with the performance we have displayed against a team that has played a whole season in Division 1; we did well, and the game could have gone either way.

With this in mind, we tackled the second game against Southampton VC with confidence. We started strong winning the first two sets relatively comfortably, but we became messy and nervous and lost the 3rd set. Thankfully our team has pulled through again and showed our resilience, winning the 4th set 25:14 with a fantastic service run by our star player of the two games, Marzena Bragiel. Final score 3-1 (26-16; 25-17; 22-25; 25-14)

The Club and the coach are proud of the results that the team has achieved, with the 2nd place in the National Shield Cup and the promotion to Division 1, both achievements a first in the club’s history.

The commitment that players have shown has paid off. The players must be proud of all they have done that was made more accessible by our amazing supporters led by our Head Supporter Alex Iftime.

What a season this was! Let’s enjoy the moment (although we are already thinking about next season)

With Love,

City, City, City, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!


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  1. Good luck MKCity Ladies.
    Believe in yourselves as a team and you will achieve more great things this season.

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