Sunday 20th May saw the Womens Herts squad play Vale Vixens (CUP FINAL) Away.
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Sunday 20th May saw the Mens Herts squad play Red Eagles (CUP FINAL) Away.
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August 2005

August 2005

Gloucester review by Captain Matt Gough ....   Action Photo's
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With a long history of ‘participation’ with no reward, entering into the annual Gloucester Festival of Volleyball no expectations has ever been set……until now. Weather always being an issue when it comes to anything run outdoors in this country, especially around the peak of summer, an impressive hardy following of volleyball’ers turned up tents in hand Friday evening at Dowdy Sports and Social.

Including an MK City squad comprising of Grenville Barr, Jake (his son), Fidel Canning, Anne Clansey, Corinn Smith, Richard Billington and myself Matt Gough strangely named the Hairy Scary Spiders!?

Mixed Div II Winners !!

Grenv blocked by a girl
Although prospects of a full days play on the Saturday were minimal the tents still went up by the dozens and everyone descended on the bar for a ‘team-talks’. Over a few beers and red wines courtesy of Sarsons vinegar captaincy had been decided and Grenv put to bed the mysteries of using the MK City car park when he shouldn’t.

Saturday started promisingly with one game – one win, bubbly was flowing courtesy of Ann, spirits were high - however much like Old Trafford the rain stopped play and everyone scurried back to the bar for the rest of the day. With only Sky Sports News as entertainment some well earned snooze-time was in order.
The day perked up only when food was mentioned. After a fierce Bop-it Challenge stomachs were rumbling so we hit downtown Cheltenham to find a very secluded and impressively decorated Thai restaurant….for which we’d like to thank the girls for the spotting first although they were in the car behind us??!!

Dark clouds welcomed us on the final days play but hopes were high for some blue sky….and eventually the BBC got it right. After an inspirational team talk for the captain the remaining group games postponed from the previous day were played out with minimal concerns in windy conditions. However the pervious nights had brought some casualties - a few too many Malibu & cokes meant one of the squad was ‘rested’ for the final group game. And energy so pivitol for a man of Genv’s age meant hitting power was sacrificed for some John Travolta’esque moves on the dance floor.

Fidel after a hard days play

Corinn playing Bop-It!!

Richard spots the gap
After a few hours break, a recovered and replenished team moved into the semi’s - due to the number of teams meant two semi’s were required. With more rotation decisions to make the team performed well. With the usual jokes from the opposition of Jake looking inauspiciously male were dealt with swiftly after Billy announced that he would have no problems proving it to them - the under 15 rule stood…..finals here we come.

The day drawing to an end an eager set of Hairy Scary Spiders lined up against an equally tormenting six to play out the final battle of fierce volleyball you only get in a Mixed Div 2 tournament. The first set didn’t go our way due to very good middle hitter …….albeit mostly aiming at the girls. But after taking a while to sus out their one-pronged-attack game plan we made it clear to him in the second that our block will be lining up on his favourite side. Giving him a free hit down the middle and at 1 – neither of which he could pull off with much success, leaving the spiders to pick up almost every hit. The final two sets went as planned with the Spiders running out eventual winners.

Smiles at the Thai Meal

The team at dinner

Jake Serving
Overall the Spiders were solid; throughout the tournament Fidel sent everything that came her way back into the right areas, Jake slowed down on the jump serving but upped the tempo on his spiking. Corinn displayed solid setting and serving – and we even saw a few knuckles towards the end. Although Grenv’s hitting was suspect – complaints of trying to hit too hard was at fault I suspect his mind was still on the dance floor of cowgirls the night before, blocked and covered well. Ann’s heavily supported rests were able to deal with the strength of the wind to set some excellent and at times random balls. Billy, to the relief of the team funnelled his energy into his volleyball and rested his sometimes over enthusiastic mouth and an eruption at an official was thankfully avoided.

Corinn Set's

Richard gets a block up

Grenv goes for the Spike
Captain – Hairy Scary Spiders
2005 Gloucester Tournament of Volleyball Mixed Div 2 Winners